Monday, March 17, 2008

The beggining

A collection of stories, by Sarucene

On April eigth, 2006 a Troll rogue was born: Sarucene. This was my first online MMORPG, and second online game (after UT2004). I knew very little about the history of Warcraft. I had briefly played Warcraft 1 and had remembered that I had enjoyed it greatly. After watching one of my friends play, I went out and bought the game and immediately went to work. Sarucene became my first character and was my main up to SSC/TK. The first couple days were rough, I leveled 4 levels in the first two days. Most of the time I was trying to figure out what each move did, and how to take full advantage of it. Dueling other players at such low levels proved to be too distracting so I finally stopped and went out to quest. Pretty soon I got the hang of it and ended up in front of the first two proffesion trainers in Troll City. Thus, I became Alch/Herb (since I didn't know anything else existed.) I immediately went out and collected all the herbs I could find and made as many potion as my bags could handle. I then went back to the starting grounds and handed out potions to players that were leaving the area and wished them good luck in their travels.

Two days later, I began questing again with the help of my friend Goji, a Troll Hunter. We quickly advanced into the Barrens were he abruptly left me again. I spent that day collecting herbs and handing out potions at Cross Roads. Being only level 12 I quickly found out that the Barrens was a dangerous place for me, so I went back and grinded boars. At level 14, I went back to the Barrens and attempted the quests again. By this time I understoof rogue a little bit more. I no longer dove in and aggrod 6 mobs at a time. While killing centaurs, I met a Tauren hunter names Hoops. We quested together for the next couple days. I remember being scared to ask him for help since he was a few levels higher than me. We soon became good friends and quested almost everyday together. Its funny thinking back that without this guy I probably would still be in the Barrens making potions for people. His main, 60 Undead Priest: Angelofdeath, introduced me to my first "dundgeon". After zoning in I was SHOCKED at what I saw. The concept was so new and foreign to me that I couldnt help but be amazed at every creature I encounterd. I ended up with lots of greens, some blues, and an addiction to the world of Warcraft.

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